Frequently Asked Questions

First Section: Booking

Why booking through Sambo Sea Trips Egypt?

1-There are variety of reasons to book your Trip through Sambo Sea Trips Egypt.

2- We are available in the field of sea since 17 Seventeen years, as we have many experiences in our field since we learnt from the mistakes of others and avoided all obstacles could deterring our field.

Is there a discount for booking my round on early time?

– Sambo Sea Trips prepare to provide a discount to its customers paying totally for their trip on early time, as they shall get 5% discount in such case. We are also pleased to provide the same percent to groups.

3-Is there a special price provided through Sambo Sea Trips to the private booking groups?

-Yes, Sambo Sea Trips provide discount to the private trips booked by big groups. As for the groups composed of ten persons or more, there will be a discount provided based on the nature of trip and length. As for the groups composed of fifteen persons or more, total price of the trip shall be decreased to the total cost per one person in the group

4- How could I contact Sambo Sea Trips to book a trip?

– Sambo Sea Trips is available for 24 twenty-four hours per day, seven days weekly to receive booking inquiries via e-mail, phone, or live chat on the Internet. You can also provide a request of booking form describing your trip and its length, and any other details.

5-What should be made to book a tour and confirming the booking?

-booking a simple tour. You may contact our representatives through one method of the above-mentioned methods in question 4. As you shall receive a fast answer determining available options to you, hence, you may select the trip appropriating your needs in respect of the balance, number of days, and the interesting points by the assistance of our advisors. As we shall send the details of trip selected by database to you as well as the required plans for your trip. It shall be made available to you in order to confirm your booking in addition to paying the advance payment for booking the trip. Sambo Sea Trips will not confirm booking until receiving this amount. A copy will be sent to you for confirming the trip.

6- How much is the advance payment for the trip? How will I pay?

-The required deposit is 50% of the total price of the trip, you can pay the deposit amount via credit card (visa and master card are accepted also) or via bank order through direct to Sambo Sea Trips. Our representatives are ready to provide any additional information or answer to any questions relevant with bank transfer or paying through website.

7- Are there any additional fees for the complete transactions by using discount or credit card?

– Sambo Sea Trips Company shall not bear the cost of any additional fees for any transactions made by discount or credit card. We accept visa or credit card.

8- If I obliged to cancel a trip with Sambo Sea Trips, will I receive a response?

– Sambo Sea Trips Tours Policy for restoring money in Egypt is mentioned in detail under terms and conditions. The returned amount is based on the pre-notice about cancellation.

-If you had made booking and the weather conditions or other circumstances are out the control of preventing the ship from reaching the port, you shall get the total amount for any pre-paid amount by you.

Second section: Safety and Security

1-Does Egypt Visit is safe, especially, after the political events occurred after the Egyptian revolution?

2-Tourists are visiting Egypt since many centuries, as Egyptians enjoy a good reputation due to the warmth and affection provided towards visitors. Egyptian Cities in general are very safe, especially, in the places where tourists usually visit.

3-Since the Egyptian revolution on 2011 AD, There are a sporadic disorders and political violence in Egypt, but even the most strict of the same had occurred in a relatively small districts of Cairo and other cities. The touristic sites hadn’t affected with that, which mostly located a way of these districts, and there is no negative feeling towards foreign visitors among Egyptians. In spite that Egypt is still already deal with the political transition, it had not affected the tourists’ experience in Egypt to a high extent.

4- Are there any special advices to the female visitors during their visit to Egypt?

-there are many touristic places in Egypt as there are no special fears. However, fears are little in the touristic places, and clothes recommendations are relatively moderate. Women must avoid wearing very tight clothes, covering their shoulders and knees, and avoid showing the neck. As men must avoid inquiring about clothes especially as all Egyptians are wearing in a moderate way generally than many parts in Europe and U.S.A. For example, wearing shirts is not famous among Egyptians. Un-wearing clothes and being relatively moderate is the mean of respecting the local culture.

Third Section: Visas and Arrival

 1-How could I get my visa to visit Egypt?

-Egypt visitors must hold an effective passport for at least six months upon their arrival, and all foreign citizens must obtain an entry visa to Egypt. You may apply to get tourism visa through any Egyptian Embassy or Consulate worldwide.

2-Visitors of the following nationalities may purchase one month entry visa without request upon their arrival to Egypt: Australia, Canada, Croatia, EU, Georgia, Japan, Newlands, Norway, Maqdonia, Korea Republic, Russian Union, Serbia and Ukraine, United Kingdom and The United States. This shall take some minutes through bank window before moving through customs.

3- How could I submit a request to obtain an entry visa to Egypt, if I were living away from my Original Country?

-If the visitor have a residency permit to live in another country, he can apply to get a visa from Egypt Embassy or Consulate in such country or purchase a visa upon his arrival to Cairo, Hurghada or Luxor Airports. Or Marsa Alam if they don’t hold residency permits, they must obtain entry visas from Egyptian Embassy \ Consulate in the issuance country to their passports.

4-Could I extend the period of my Tourism Visas upon their expiry?

-Extension may be granted to the tourist, but this require obtaining extension from a building at Tahrir Square in Cairo or other governmental offices in another city. There is two weeks grace period upon visa expiry as you may purchase extension during which without paying penalty.

Fourth Section: Purchasing Alcohol and Cigarettes

1-Could I bring personal supplies of Alcohol and Cigarettes with me during my visit to Egypt?

-Visitors wishing to obtain their personal supplies Alcohol and Cigarettes are always recommended to purchase it upon their arrival to Egypt. There are free shops available in Airports at Marsa Alam, Hurghada and Sharm Al Sheikh. As tourists are permitted to purchase almost 3 Liters of Alcohol and 200 Cigarettes approximately upon their arrival.

2- What may happen if I does not purchase Alcohol and Cigarettes upon my arrival to Egypt, will opportunity be made to purchase them from another places in Egypt?

-Tourist shall have 84 hours upon their arrival to purchase them from any shop exempted from custom fees in Egypt. Free locations at Airports in Marsa Alam, Hurghada and Sharm Al Sheikh. As there are many other locations in Egypt.

3-Could I bring supplies of Alcohol and Cigarettes with me from any other country during my visit to Egypt?

-Allowance of Cigarettes or Alcohol reaching Egypt from another country is 1 Liter of Alcohol and 200 Cigarettes.

Fifth Section: Languages

1-Does Egyptians speak another language beside Arabic.

-English Language is taught at schools all over Egypt. Therefore, Most Egyptians, living in the cities, are speaking or understanding some English terms or expressions at least. Little Egyptians may speak French, Italy, Spanish and German Languages. However, the professionals working in Tourism Sector, used to deal with visitors does not speak Arabic, as they shall speak enough English and another language to fulfill the requirements of most visitors.

2-Shall I have to learn the Arabic Language to enjoy my visit to Egypt?

-Many visitors are enjoying their residency in Egypt without learning even one word in Arabic. However, it is always recommended to learn some Arabic Words to express salutation or gratitude. If you plan to visit some places otherwise famous tourism destinations, it is recommended to learn some Arabic expressions. In general, Egyptians are fraternal and happy to help any person, especially, foreigners and tourists, even if there is language barrier.

3-Is there any special uniform to be worn during visiting a mosque in Egypt?

-There is no special clothes to be worn during visiting a mosque in Egypt, However, It is highly recommended to wear moderate clothes, in some mosques; women will be required to cover their hair, usually their arms and legs. As women and men are required to un-wear their shoes before entering the mosque.

4-What are the most important historical mosques in Cairo?

-Cairo, named “Thousand Minarets City”, including a big number of wonderful and historical mosques. The most outstanding thereof are Mohammed Ali Mosque in Salah Al Din Castle, built at the beginning of Ninetieth Century, Sultan Hassan Mosque, established on 1361 AD, Al Azhar Mosque, Constructed on 970 AD, as it had extended many times thereafter, Amr Bin Al Aas Mosque , the first mosque in Africa established on 640 AD, Ahmed bin Tolon Mosque, constructed on 878 AD, Al Hakim Mosque, built on 1013 AD. Tourists may visit all these mosques anytime, except Friday.

5-Are tourists allowed to visit Christian sight seeing in Egypt?

-In Egypt, Churches apply the same system of Mosques relevant with visits. Most churches and Monasteries welcome tourists and foreigners, except during the major fasting. It is also recommended to wear moderate clothes during visiting sight seeing in Egypt.

6-What are the most outstanding Christian sight seeing in Egypt?

-Christianity had admitted Egypt at the beginning of the first century and it is the cradle of Christian monasticism, Egypt host many interesting churches and monasteries. Including Cathren Monk Monastery in Sinai, Der Abu Maker Monastery, and Syrians Monastery at Wadi Al Natron, Monk Antonios and saint Paul Monasteries nearby the Red Sea to North Eastern Hurghada. There are many historical churches in Egypt also , especially, in Cairo and Alexanderia, like saint Barbra church and the hanged church in Coptic Cairo.

Sixth Section: Taking Photos

 1.Could I take photos to people, streets and otherwise in Egypt?

-Egyptians are known all over the world for their tolerance and hospitality. However, It is always recommended to seek request before taking the photos for people, especially women, warehouses or products. Photographing is un permitted around army bases, airports, barriers , bridges and in Metro. In most places where photographing is forbidden, their will be posters available to inform you.

Seventh Section: Hotels in Egypt

1-What is the time for registering arrival and departure at hotels in Egypt?

-As the case with many hotels worldwide, the time for recording arrival in most hotels in Egypt is almost at mid-day, 12:00 or 1:00 PM , If you arrived the hotel lately overnight or on early morning, you may be required to pay for additional night to reach your  room immediately without having to await till the usual time for registering arrival.

Eighth Section: Health Matters

Are there any health problems bringing worry in Egypt?

Some visitors may suffer from sun burns or sun strike due to heat and sun during summer if you were not cautious, However, taking appropriate precautions and potable water bottled in bottles may overcome any health risks.

Ninth Section: Currency and banks in Egypt

1.What is the official currency in Egypt?

-Official Currency in Egypt is Egyptian Pound, or ” Al Gneh” in Arabic, it is usually abridged in the name of Gneh. One Egyptian Pound equalize 100 Piasters, or “Irsh” in Arabic. There are bank notes ranging from 1,5,10,20,50,100 to 200 Pounds, there are currencies like 25 Piasters, 50 piasters, and 1 Ratl. it is usually difficult to change some big invoices , therefore, it is always recommended that change being in hand for taxis and advices.

2-will I afford to change dollars, euros or another currencies in Egypt?

-There are many banks and Exchange Offices for changing monetary checks for visitors in Egypt. Moreover, there are many tourism shops, restaurants and inns already accepting dollars or euros for rates relatively similar to the official rates. Make sure that you know the current exchange rate of dollar or euros for Egyptian Pound.

3-what is the extent of using credit cards in Egypt?

-Credit Cards are widely used in Egypt.

Additional Questions

If you have any other questions, hadn’t been answered here, you may contact us through phone or e-mail or via chat on Live Internet. You can find our E-Mail, Phone Numbers, as well as knowing about live chat below.