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Hamata Islands

It is a one day cruise to enjoy visiting one of the Red Sea nature reserves, Qulaan Islands (Hamata).Visiting three islands in one day to enjoy the stunning natural landscapes and enjoy the warmth of the sun and soft white sand on one of the islands where we can disembark and walk on its attractive beach, This island is Siyal, Which is 40 minutes away from the Marina.

One of the advantages of our cruise is that it is suitable for all ages and is suitable for all those who need to swim or just need to relax on board of the boat only.

We will also enjoy the snorkeling around the attractive coral reefs and the different colored fish and watch together the aquatic life like sea turtles and sometimes dolphins.

This cruise is one of the most beautiful cruises, as you can enjoy the natural islands and see the most beautiful birds and mangroves trees.

These places enjoy tranquility, beauty, fish and coral reefs. Snorkeling will be at least 3 times.

1st Snorkeling:

Swimming around the coral reefs. The tour leader distributes the guests in groups and each group is led by a special trainer, whether from diving or snorkeling, in order to ensure the provision of the best service and security to our guests while they are in the water watching the coral reefs to enjoy a beautiful day.

2nd Snorkeling:

By our Inflatable Boat, the guide team accompanies each group to go to the island where we can do several activities on the island, including swimming or walking or enjoy filming the most beautiful landscapes that you will see, such as birds or mangroves trees and others.

3rd Snorkeling on boat:

After finishing a delicious lunch and having your drink on our boats. We go to our third and final destination and while sailing for half an hour we enjoy the beautiful atmosphere and relax on the sun deck on boat.

The tour leader distributes the guests in groups and each group is led by a specialized special trainer in order to ensure the provision of the best service and security for our guests while they are in the water watching the coral reefs, likely to the first and second times.

Then we head back to the marina and then take the bus back to our hotel to leave you a beautiful memory that will never be forgotten.


Dear customers, we would like to remind you that most of our cruises are in nature reserves, so please be careful not to destroy any of them or not to throw any of the papers or any residues inside the water or on the island. Do not take anything and leave nothing.

our company management and through the experience gained in past periods, we know very well that the many numbers of guests on a single boat may not give them pleasure so we are keen that we do not exceed the barrier of 15 people as an average number of our boats to ensure you the complete relaxation and enjoyment of the boat during the cruise.

Cruise duration:

One day from 9 am to 4 pm, other than the transportation time from the hotel to the marina.

Marina is 100 km away from the city of Marsa Alam, 240 km away from El Qusire city and 140 km away from Marsa Alam international airport. It is located to the south of the city of Marsa Alam.

Cruise price:

  • 50 euros per person, children 25 euros from 6 years to 12 years.
  • Children aged from 1 years to 5 years are for free.

Prices include:

  • Transportation to and from hotels.
  • Diving trainer.
  • Lunch meal.
  • Free Beverages “cold and hot “throughout the day.

Prices exclude:

  • The snorkeling equipment.
  • the Nature Reserve ticket (2 euros per person)

The cruise is available 3 days a week (Saturday – Monday- Wednesday).

Different languages are available from diving trainers for easy handling of guests and providing the best service.

Minimum number to begin a cruise is 10 individuals, and the maximum number is 20 individuals.

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